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Karlobag with its Adriatic Riviera is located beneath Velebit Mountain. It is on the intersection of magisterial road Rijeka – Zadar and regional road Karlobag – Gospic. Mountain and sea contact has provided this area with the ideal climate combination ranging from Mediterranean to mountainous which is especially beneficial for tourism. With beautiful coast and crystal clear sea, there are a few attractions in its hinterland, out of which Velebit needs to be pointed out, which is declared World Biosphere Resort in the area above Karlobag.

There is also Baške Oštarije, a well-known hiking destination with a climate refreshing even when it's very hot on the coast. For mountain lovers it is possible to hike on marked trails: in south direction towards Paklenica National Park, or in north direction towards Premužic trail and further. Except hiking it is also possible to go on a field trip to visit Plitvice Lakes National Park, or to the island of Pag at 1.8 km distance from Karlobag. Capuchin monastery in Karlobag treasures valuable paintings. St. Joseph church built in 1713 in times of Leopold I, with architectural ornaments from 18th century, and the chapel of Virgin Mary of the Sorrows. On a knoll above there are ruins of medieval fort 'Fortica', and also ruins of parish church of St. Charles of Boromej built in 1615.

The biggest towns in the Karlobag (which is also the administrative center) Riviera are: Ribarica, Cesarica, Lukovo Sugarje, Barci Draga and St. Maria Magdalene, as well as Baške Oštarije on Velebit Mountain. You may choose private accommodation in comfortable suites or rooms. Your stay with us will be enriched by our gastronomical offer in restaurants, coffee shops, pastry shops and, above all, kindness and friendliness of our hosts. Visit Karlobag and take a stroll down its streets and town squares which will make your vacation unforgettable.


The town of Senj is located at the end of the Kvarner Bay and extends to the neighboring border areas along the 7.5 km long beach, between the sea and Kapela , Velebit mountain.Throughout Croatia Senj is famous for its festivals , such as the Winter Carnival (January and February ) , Uskoks days ( in July ) and the most well- known festival famous summer carnival ( in August ) . During Carnival , in Senju commonly found more than 25,000 visitors from around the world who have come podgledati or participate in the carnival parades that go through the whole city.Today Senj popular holiday destination that is always visited by tourists who want to enjoy a relaxing beach holiday and a fantastic view. Beaches are located along the sea coast and are therefore ideal for families with children. One of the most beautiful bays on the spot the bay Spasovac. The position of some beaches in Senju look at the map. Beach shipyard, Plza Another Dear, Diga Plaza, Plaza Third Baby, Blue Villa Plaza, Plaza First Darling (near the apartments MaDi that you can book for accommodation in Senj), UJČA Plaza, Plaza Kalić, Bay Spasovac .

In Senju throughout the year last event, where locals and tourists can participate. Among the most famous events in Senj are:

Carnival in Senj

Winter Carnival takes place in a time of 06.01. until Shrove Tuesday.

International Summer Carnival is held each year since 1967 in kolovozu.Vrhunac summer carnival is a big carnival parade , attended by 25,000 spectators.

Uskočka days in Senj

The competition is held every year under the direction of Senj Tourist Board lasts for three days in July . Visitors have a varied program of plays , art . Participation and offer it to the Middle Ages . One of the highlights of this event is a competition and tournament.

Every year the festival choir in Senj . Senjsko summer of music are held in small concert halls , such as small squares and churches , concerts of young Croatian musicians .

The Senju and the Riviera range of sports and entertainment facilities on offer. There are many beautiful walking and hiking paths.

Running along the coast of Senja and the surrounding villages of Velebit . Of course , further sports such as jet-skiing , tennis , football , beach volleyball are available.


towers above the hill of the same name Senja Negligence izfrađena in the 16th century . Today the castle is a popular tourist destination which also houses a museum.


Krasno Forestry Museum was opened in 2005 and celebrates the history of the 240 - year tradition and Senja in forestry. Exhibition includes, among other things, old tools, cutting equipment, old maps.

Church of the ascension of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Romanesque style between the 11th and 12 century the church is located in the center of Senja.

The church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Senj City Museum

In the former palace of the family Vukasović Senj City Museum . The building itself was built in 14-15 centuries . Since 1962 located in the premises of the City Museum . The museum has an archaeological deposit of , Glagolitic documents , statements about the maritime history , natural history collection and documentation of Homeland ratu.Glagoljica Senj - Croatia njastariju circuit board.

Senj has stores, post office , health center , ATMs , banks , boutiques and shops.